Conflix - Blank Canvas

Intricate and image-inducing, Conflix sketches words into pictures as only a master wordsmith can as he manoeuvres over the delectable beat by Monkey6Monkey2, skipping across snares and spilling quotables from his quill.

Blank Canvas” is the second single from his 2021 EP “Investment In Loss” and is complimented with a picturesque video by Honey JD.

Investment in Loss is a collection of thoughts jotted down over the past decade I’ve drifted along thinking of lyrics on computer, paper, whilst out and about and in my head.


“Blank Canvas” sets the standard for thought-provoking Hip Hop in 2022 and joins the expansive Lab79 catalogue which includes releases from Manage, Teach Em, Apex Zero, Skirmish and Reain.

Vocals by: Conflix
Produced by: Monkey6Monkey2
Video by: Honey JD
Recorded @: Lab79, London
Mastered: Forest DLG |



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