Confucius MC ft. Jehst - World Stage

We all know the old quote: “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players“, but now in 2021 it feels as if Shakespeare was more of a visionary than we ever could have imagined.

For the next single to be taken from his new album, ‘Somewhere‘, Confucius MC once again joins forces with label boss and long-term collaborator, Jehst, as they lift the curtain on the ‘World Stage‘.

Lyrically, it’s a finely woven tapestry from two masters of their craft. Confucius is the opening act, fortifying our consciousness with his usual blend of knowledge and honesty – “Lost my way, became a victim of ambition / Lent my dreams out / But now I control my vision” – before Jehst enters stage left, with a barrage of bars that will have you hitting the reload to unearth every gem – “They circle round like vultures when the lions slaughter / For that lowbrow culture of The Highest Order“.

Punctuated with their own interpretation of an iconic pop hook that keeps the global theme alive, and finished off with Confucius dipping his toes into more soulful waters, ‘World Stage’ delivers goods you didn’t even know you needed in your life.

Keor Meteor is the man behind the beat, welcoming more swells of jazz to the proceedings, as flourishes of flute and syncopated drums, give the track even more enrichment.

On ending up ‘Somewhere’, Confucius says he “wanted to create a listening experience that would put people in a reflective space, similar to the one I was in when I was writing it. Like taking a stroll through your local park, but the Twilight Zone/Twin Peaks version: a few strange and unexpected interactions along the way and a couple of philosophical nuggets to take back home with you“.

Mixed by: Chemo
Mastered by: Walter Coelho
Video by: Eduard Micu

Confucious MC:


(Confucius MC) Knowing at any cost / Flowing forever lost / Vivid descriptions of rivers littered with growing
loss / Gripping to scriptures for pictures that tell of knowing us / But could we know enough /
To call an older bluff? / Life took a hold us / The curse of talent lurking over us / At times it
was too much to shoulder cuz / Lost my way / Became a victim of ambition / Lent my dreams
out / But now I control my vision / This was always about being respected for my efforts / But
we all judge a man by different measures / Seeking different treasures / In this dark web of
different pleasures / The master level can be attained through different methods / So we
travel around / Lost until we find something that sticks / In a land where there’s always
something to pick / Living the curse of choice / Pieces on the checkerboard / I’m on my
island / Writing pieces as the pressure soars

(Jehst) The way I configure the scripture / That’s kinda dope / The way I envision the
picture’s a kaleidoscope / You’re looking up for something better / You can die in hope /
You’re looking to the heavens / This is what you find below / A no-fly zone / How you
supposed to spread your wings? / Eyes on the iPhone / You’re exposed to everything /
Information overload / Got your mind froze / Total detachment turned you ice cold / Your
third eye closed / Wide shut / All they do is dumb us down / Better wise up / Check the write
up / Now you’re feeling informed / Your whole opinion formed / With no critical thought /
Been around the world and I, I… / Sitting indoors / And didn’t stop to recognise / This isn’t
the norm / They circle round like vultures / When the lions slaughter / For that low brow
culture of The Highest Order

(Confucius MC) People rarely stay the same / Histories get rearranged / The world’s a stage / But who’s it for? / Choose your weapon / Choose your war / Choose your weapon / Choose your war x 2

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