Confucius MC ft. Strange U and Lee Scott - Cicada 3301

Confucius MC steps back out of the shadows for his latest single ‘Cicada 3301‘; drafting in underworld connections StrangeU (High Focus) and Lee Scott (Blah Records) for covert operations. The three MCs exchange stream of consciousness bars in an effort to decipher the codes and conventions of modern man; dishing up home-cooked truths with a side order of salt.

Taken from the forthcoming ‘Somewhere‘ LP, Confucius once again joins forces with French producer Keor Meteor, placing him at the helm for the album’s entirety. Keor’s jazz-heavy approach at the boards serves as the ideal canvas for Confucius to wax lyrical.

Cited by KaeTempest as “a huge influence on my life, my character and my rhyme-style“, Confucius MC has been carving his own echelon in the UK hip-hop landscape alongside running creative workshops for young people in his community. 

A top tier collaborator, Con earned rave reviews as one half of Old Paradice with Blah Records producer Morriarchi and featured heavily on Jehst‘s ‘Billy Green is Dead‘ LP and 2019 single ‘Autumn Nights‘.

Produced by: Keor Meteor
Mixed by: Chemo
Mastered by: Walter Coelho
Video by: Honey JD

Confucious MC:


The third round of a mysterious competition
Has just launched to very little fanfare
A largely unknown and unpublished series of puzzles
Has intrigued those who first came across the competition in 2012

Searching for highly intelligent individuals
The clues have required participants to travel around the globe

Taking in countries as far afield as Australia and South Korea

(Confucius MC)

The moment that I put an ear to the beat was an omen
The doorway to perception was opened
Stepped in it broken

Now the fully formed figure remains
Accepted the coaching

Stepped in clear headed

Then he exited smoking

Time is running out

I keep trying to cut the bunnin’ down

But times are pretty low in London Town

So I light a little Lemon
Stay adjacent to the underground

And watch the fakes run around
When the sun is down
And when the sun is up
Misguided little kids out run amuck
Crying out for a voice
But no one’s done enough

Hustle hard for some choices they can muster up
Bust a gut through this cluster fuck
The so-and-sos

And the such-and-such
For some of us the shit is much too much
So we look for real stuff to touch
Before the dust to dust
Could change something if we trust in us

(Strange U)
The moment I put my voice on the beat
You were frozen
The Necronomicon holding

I’ve gone Golden like Frieza

Hold the beats like Ike and Tina
It’s nice to meet ya
Here in life’s arena

But now I’m sat here

Inside the speaker

Catch my words like The Preacher
I’m Jesse Custer

You’re the wide receiver

My mind resides inside the 9 Ether Realm
The language they speak

Only a live Elohim can tell

You see the cell?
The prison of man’s mind
All the roads lead to the extinction of mankind

I’d get my head in the game

If I had the time

But for now

I’m stuck in this 9-to-5 pantomime

What the apple?
My life has gone Bizarro

What’s next?
Back of the neck

Scanners on the barcode

I’m ready for the cybernetic implants

Until then

I’m cool with these hypothetic skin grafts

(Lee Scott)


Kill the world while we procreate
And fight over the gross estate
All we’re left with is an empty bag of tricks

And a roll of tape

For any open mouths cos there’s no debate now

Throw your weight around

I just hold mine
Resting on me laurels
Like I’m sitting on a goldmine

Legs dangling over the edge
Spit and whoever it hits
Let’s cancel ’em

Even if it seems wrong after

No one gives a shit bitch

Be gone faster
As long as the people are still fallin’ at me feet
Like a Qigong master
I’ll be sippin’ this liquor contented
Dissin’ ya ’cause ya whip isn’t rented
Comfortable in yourself then I assume?
Trippin’ over me dick as I entered the room

There is currently nothing to suggest

That the true motive of Cicada 3301
Is about to be revealed
But if it does turn out to be a new way of recruiting spies

It seems that aside from a knowledge of cryptography
The darknet and coding
Future intelligence agents also need to know
The works of famed occultist Aleister Crowley

And socialist artist and poet William Blake

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