Confucius MC ft. Sonnyjim, Verbz and Jehst - Lanterns

After the 12 months of darkness we collectively endured last year Confucius MC​ is bringing the light back with his latest single ‘Lanterns​’; once again teaming up with French producer Keor Meteor​ to reignite the flames they created on 2014 LP ‘The Highest Order​’.

Con has drafted in three more heavyweights on the assist, making this a strong early contender for ‘Line-up of the Year’. UK torchbearers Jehst​ and Sonnyjim​ bring their acclaimed flows into the mix, as well as a devastating verse from rising star Verbz​.

KeorMeteor’s production perfectly unites the four complimentary styles; delivering a melody-driven backdrop with just the right amount of light and shadow to let the lyrics flourish in the process.

Get it from YNR Productions.

Produced by: Keor Meteor
Additional production by: Jehst
Mixed by: Chemo
Mastered by: Walter Coelho
Visuals by: Bee Graphics

Confucious MC:​​​


Wide screen with a curve, lights beam from the words
The good dreams are a trip, the nightmares can disturb
Wide angles of life’s gambles, hear a lot of shit
But tend to forget the wise rambles
Just a crumb of wisdom
Hollow feeling like something’s missing
Running two time lines fam, something’s different
Herb vendors, serving up canned weed
I’m laying low like Sam Seed
With the lantern in my hand to proceed
Through these dark tunnels
And vast mazes, penning world class pages
Bare pretenders, highly skilled mime artists
It’s just a circus, watching who could climb fastest
The prime artist, the Sage fam, my line reaches
My rhyme book is a divine thesis
I penned pieces
That left dents in the densest reaches
Never knowing what the centre piece is
Never knowing who the sentence reaches, words manifest
Some shit that you thought can become flesh
Strange alchemy
My brain lay it out for me
May the band play it loud for me
When I’m outtie B
Biros, plush paper, piant – yo!
I’m painting pictures of the crushed equator
Through my hazy eyes
Where I swim in the confusion, the Internet age
Where we live with the intrusion

I drive fast and talk slow
I’m sipping Bordeaux in Bordeaux
Killed a fox, cut me a couture coat
Beach house in Borneo
Girl Scout Cookie wax , smoking on the Oreo
I had to risk it for the biscuit, dabbed it and dipped it
Put it in the Pyrex and whipped it
I necked the vodka
Ate the lobster
Live long and prosper, flip the Oscar
I pull the ting like Go! Gadget
Guerrilla tactics, you can feel the fibre of my fabric
Pop the pinger, shave the cocaine like ginger
Send it with the messenger Melinda
I got that fire work
Like the fifth of November
Pull out a brick out like Jenga
You betcha
Apply pressure, take you out like a stretcher
Finesser, number one selectah

I stare blind into skies and watch time pass
And life’s fast I know, though might chance
Appreciating all there is to be taken in eyes glance
Wonder if life’s ours, underneath the night’s stars
Asking which path to take while we find ours
Chance fate, run the race another day
For only slumber awaits, succumb to ways or rise above ’em
Tired and stubborn, a product of my environment rugged
Where youngens stay thuggin’ and jugglin’ weight
Huggin’ a block that ain’t loved’ em, I guess we chase what we given
Livin’ day to day
In the same place we sin in, and traipse the plains
Plagued with hate, jakes and villains
While I stay chillin’ with the same mates, eighth billin’
And some stay with it, traits of the young
Enabled by the funds that we all cradle in the slums
Lay all cards on the table, still chased by all we’ve done

Ay yo my thoughts off track with a 40 sack of Train Wreck
Walking a razor blade’s edge with the brain dead
Faded like a blend cassette, in your tape deck
Survive in the jungle? Best take heed and take check
Somebody might run up in your spot first
These Flintstones shot rock work, like clockwork
Ludovico technique so I can’t sleep
‘Til I’m under coroner’s sheets with no heartbeat
Tired eyes pried wide shut by the equipment
Rapid Eye Movement, now I’m losing my religion
We’re all aspiring to a living contradiction
Precog recognition for criminal conviction
We’re in a critical condition
On this blue marble
The food sparkle
Strap the zoot, loop the sample
Set a crude example , for the next gen
Collect ends, trying to cop a mansion like the X-Men’s


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