Crowstick - Dark Light EP

Conscious Hip Hop act Crowstick from Norwich has released his nine track ‘Dark Light‘ EP. The lyrics range in content between the stark, cold physicalness of a dirty old crack pipe, to the bright and lofty, all encompassing infiniteness above. The Darkness will awaken us to the Light above. This is Dark Light. Such a heavy album! You don’t want to miss this one!

Beat-maker / production by: the Grimm Hermit
Mastered by: Mark B. Christensen from

Track List:

  1. You Don’t vote for kings (Intro) 00:57
  2. Infected by devils 05:21
  3. The Kingdom (ARRR New World Order) 02:48
  4. Trust Yourself (Skit) 00:57
  5. Walking in the jungle 05:09
  6. Memory 04:53
  7. Flowers (Skit) 00:58
  8. Lifted to those Higher plains 04:18
  9. For the world at large (Outro) 02:51

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