Crusada and Efeks ft. Midnight - 05:21 Live

Crusada and Efeks rock up at the 0521 studio for a heavy session where they perform tracks from Crusada’s recent Gladiatorial LP. With Midnight on hand to deliver extra verses this is a lively expose of the LP which is available now.


Time Codes

00:00 – Logo Intro
00:08 – Introduction
00:27 – 300 Gladiators
02:11 – Don’t Doubt Me ft. Efeks and Midnight
05:23 – The Clock’s Tickin’ feat. Efeks, Midnight, Detin8 and Troy Bronxz
07:38 – Boom Baps Dead Remix ft. Efeks
09:43 – White Lotus ft. Efeks
13:31 – The Black Falcon ft. Troy Bronxz
16:52 – Freestyle
18:12 – Logo Outro

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