Cuban Pete ft. 7th Sine, Judah Priest and B. Dvine - The New Dope

What gets called ‘dope’ these days is questionable to a lot of fans who have been part of the genre for years. Dope is starting to mean average, legendary means you had a few hits once. In many instances its a case of the emperors new clothes; i.e. tell people something enough and they’ll believe it to avoid looking foolish.

On The New Dope Cuban Pete is joined by underground Hip Hop artist and producer 7th Sine, C75 Live’s own B.Dvine on the hook, and Judah Priest. Judah is the founder of 144,000 Chosen Few LLC, a member of Zu Bulliez (Brooklyn Zu), and Ghetto Government Officials. Beat is by Jimus Hemstead / Angelz Wid Dirty Facez.

Mixed and mastered by: B. Dvine for Divine Time Enterprises.

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