CultDeep Social Distance Cypher

After last year’s Winter Cypher, CultDeep knew they had to come back with a smash, but rona meant that it was not possible to coral all these dons together. So, they slapped up a green screen, got these lot in front of it one at a time, gave them a mic and told them to do their thing.

This is the end result; nine hella different shellers over four cold homegrown beats by CultDeep’s King Girl and Guami. Each one of these dudes came mad different, from Vitamin G‘s CUURRAAZZY flow switches, to Renelle 893 going deep on us, to NuffHungry even flexing those vocal chords, this one has it all.

Full roll call: Vitamin G, Idyll, Taff, Skribblez, Draeko, Turnerpage, Renelle 893, NuffHungry, Laurless

Beats by: King Girl and Guami

Shout out everyone on set, you all killed it.


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