Dabbla, Illaman, GEAR and Benofficial - Main Man Syndrome

Hot off the back of Dabbla and JaySun‘s ‘Alec Baldwin‘, Potent Funk pulls out Illaman, GEAR, Benofficial and Dabbz for ‘Main Man Syndrome‘. Forest DLG (formerly Chemo) drummed up its crisp instrumental, engineering the track at KMJ45 Studios.

The team-strong effort brings awareness to one of life’s most pressing issues. Everyone knows a donny suffering from Main Man Syndrome. This roster-wide link-up knocks those on their own pedestal down a peg or two. There’s too much gas but this is the flame.

Watch the music video courtesy of Spin City Visuals below.

It was mid-shoot when Spin City clocked that Benofficial would kill the tune. Ben was belled and within 24 hours came through with the heat. Then, combined with GEAR’s Texan tones deeper than an abyss, the introspection of PENGSHUi‘s Illaman, and Dabbla’s cut-throat charisma, together they built a beast.

It’s about people who think they’re better than everyone else and need to be the centre of attention. Do you know someone with Main Man Syndrome? Call us now.


The track is available direct from Potent Funk, on Bandcamp and all streaming services, as well as premiering on Potent Funk’s YouTube. Look out. And look out for your mates.




Forest DLG

Potent Funk

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