DarkStarGraver - On My Way

British Zambian rapper DarkStarGraver hails from the south coast of England in Portsmouth. This edgy psychedelic offering, On My Way, looks at a recent journey to other lands by DSG or as he says, “I recently made contact with extraterrestrial life from a distant galaxy through a wormhole that fused the realities of both our dimensions together“.

DSG continued, “I learnt a lot from this experience and was able to document my discovery whilst on an expedition with @michaelssmedia and help from @kapzkappin“.

Directed and edited by: DarkStarGraver
Shot by: https://www.instagram.com/Michaelsmedia and https://www.instagram.com/kapzkappin
Composed by: https://www.instagram.com/_santiagocordoba

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