Gee Bag x Jazz T - The Goodfoot

Gee Bag and Jazz T set to see the New Year in on “The Goodfoot“. This collaboration, brought to you by Boot Records, has Jazz T (CEO of Boot Records/1999 UK ITF Champion) bringing a classy smooth beat which rings true to his name on the production credits.

Gee Bag (3 x EOW Champion) compliments the track with a spot of storytelling over a piano infused canvas with beautiful live maracas also splashed here and there alongside a jazzy bass line.

With Jazz T on cutting duties and production as well as Gee Bag displaying his versatile mic skills is the icing on the cake. You just can’t go wrong that these two are true hip hop heads displaying brilliant chemistry.

The music video for “The Goodfoot”, also directed and edited by Gee Bag also brings the track even more to light without having to visualize the content within your head. An insight into the world of young lovers on
that pursuit of happiness, from an underground street level perspective.

“The Goodfoot” is available on 7″ vinyl and includes the full instrumental as well as the original vocal track. Also available on all digital streaming platforms across the board.

A quality debut from Gee Bag on Boot Records just in time to be a stocking filler to get you bobbing your head and tapping your feet.

Vocals recorded by The Strange Neighbour at The Revorg Lab
Vocals: Gee Bag
Maracas: Mia CB
Produced and scratched by: Jazz T

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