Harvs Le Toad and Bo Bribery ft. CW Jones - Never Seem To Chill

Never Seem To Chill is the second single lifted from the upcoming album from Brighton-based rapper Harvs Le Toad and producer Bo Bribery. The track features self proclaimed blues poet, soul junkie and psychedelic wizard CW Jones.

The Midsummer LP is set to drop on 24th September on digital and limited vinyl. Pre order now from YoGoCop‘s Bandcamp.

Lyrics by: Harvs Le Toad
Beat by: Bo Bribery
Video by: Honey JD https://www.instagram.com/honey__jd
Mixed by: Bo Bribery
Mastered by: Forest DLG for KMJ45 https://www.instagram.com/forestdlg/ | https://kmj45.com/

Harvs Le Toad

Bo Bribery

CW Jones

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