Henny Knightz - Devil's Locker

Rather unique individual Henny Knights of his own creation The Knighthood Society issues his latest missive taken from his evil inspired Random House Of Evil EP.

Henny really is in a world of his own creating tracks with his own vibe. Devil’s Locker is dark and at the same time touching and the video is a quality affair as well.

Song is also produced by Henny Knightz.

Starring: Lauryn J. Woodburn
Produced by: Foolish Professionals
Director: E.Greaves
Director of photography: Anarfi Lloyd
Edited by: E.Greaves
Stylist: Nicki Knightz
Art: Zuriel X

Who would’ve thought it? In my room
Sitting thinking to end my life,
couple insulin shots sinking till can’t revive.
Not to lie, but the blinking of my eyes seems like the only thing I’ll do tonight.
In my mind
Suicide –
Coincides proper,
with the Devils Locker,
Locked and reloading
Demons who’s weaned upon us,

Blocked, forgot and torn down.
A sinner bound for blessings
but my essence is greatness trapped in a closed mouth.

Open up!

Let em feel it feel my greatness what the fuck,
Down and doubting my endeavours that is Cut.
In my room spooning fear in failures clutch.
Devils locker
Let myself know I’m bout my life, live for something die for nothing say it every time

Suicide isn’t freedom it’s the End Of I,

Devils locker breaking free out the Hell inside.
Devils locker

Cuz your black, you ain’t allowed to be depressed,
keep it in and keep it Solid scream and shout to show you’re stressed.
All that sad shits for the white lot, coz on my block we know death,
keep it in we all have trauma
you’re as anxious as the rest.

I was low down,
empty and fallen out,
had plenty of morbid vows to pledge when my day went south,
I bled all my innards out and turned Whats thought physical
still in doubt I gained the belief I ain’t meant for the grief

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