Henny Knightz - Pontiac Black

Henny Knightz returns with his colourful video representing E5, Hackney. Pontiac Black is taken from ‘Random House Of Evil‘ LP whiich needs to be checked out. Do it now.

Video is directed and produced by: Sau Ali (@thisissauali)


My momma always said Ty
Save money for the hard Times.
Bad Hard times stayed right
Till the point it became life.
Been paid I’m in beast side
London boy up in E5.
Text mummy what’s the gas price.
Hit her back that’s fine. That’s fine.

When I was broke. You aint send nothing,
On the train my oysters minusing
One way bump it or lump it or stay walking.
So yeah you can invite me, I ain’t coming
£20s are folded on my thigh.
Only be eating with my guys
Other people get the moi-tai
Nigga you ain’t with the beast side east side
East side beast side
Hackney shit,
East taught me life I don’t know about lit
I didn’t have clothes as a Hackney Kid
Man I used to wear fakes from the Clapton strip.
‘Da Endz’ had my friends all in Nikey kicks
Ornament Bens chain and Matalan Fits.
You all laughed how I styled my shit,
Man I came along way from the Hackney Pits.

Many lost boy days out in E9
on the morning lane strip with a keen eye,
Burberry nah, my pennies didn’t reach high. Broke times, two lidl bags full of steamed rice.
Looking fresh but I’m boiling in my Levi’s,
Had to walk ca the travel was a steep price
Walk fast, didn’t see you I don’t look twice,
In the rain budgeting on groceries to cook nice.
Oh my God, all through, day night.
I prayed to God please change my life.
Was losing hope, roped in suicide
Was low and paining I was low and paining
Then I stopped complaining and took my life up!
Fuck am I moaning they don’t care bout us. Yeah it’s life and they don’t care bout me, so it’s me and my people since I had no p. You’ll see.

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