Him Lo and Giallo Point - Pistol Whippinz

Hailing from Philadelphia Him Lo delivers his usual brand of inappropriate and sometimes offensive verbals over quality production from the UK’s Giallo Point. Pistol Whippinz is taken from the duo’s recent album “UGONMAKEMEKILLYOAZZ”.

this LP comes on the back of their 2019 EP “OJ GLOVEZ“. Now, Da Buze Bruvaz own, superfly MC Him Lo “Da Inappropriate” returns once again with a full length collaboration with supreme beatsmith Giallo Point. Him Lo and Giallo pick up right where they left off with a deadly combination of murderous beats and abundantly hard rhymes.

The new album titled “UGONMAKEMEKILLYOASS” is a full blown hood Spaghetti Western. This eleven track album is laced with sinister beats and back alley armed robbery raps. Limited to a handful of powerhouse features, the guest list is comprised of deadly MC’s such as ROC Marciano, Kool G Rap, Cappadonna, MarQ Spekt and his always ready, rhyming partner, Clever One.

Sit back and be prepared for the saga. Light one up ,crack a cold one and load up ya arms while they set fire to ya ear drums with sick beats and rhymes to show the world how it’s supposed to be done.

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