I.C.E. (Inner City Economics) - 0521 Live

The whole I.C.E. crew (Inner City Economics) get busy for a cypher for the 0521 live sessions.
Group members Dekay, Barraka, Akwa Man, Triple A, Matterphor, Ill Visionz, and Taise all deliver strong bars showing the talent in the group.


Ill Visionz



Triple A


Inner City Economics

Time codes:
00:00 – Logo Intro
00:08 – Carried Away
04:37 – Got No Chill
08:32 – Cypher Junkies
12:32 – Rain On Em
15:37 – Chill
18:59 – Taking It Back Part 2
23:54 – Logo Outro

Filming and photography: https://www.instagram.com/nsphotokent/
Mixing, mastering and audio restoration: https://www.instagram.com/earthcapitalmusic/


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