Jehst - Here I Am

Jehst carves open 2024 and reiterates he’s nobody’s equal by announcing ‘Here I Am‘. Boarding the measured piston pump of Apollo‘s production dipped in a bleak greyscale, the UK Hip Hop legend effortlessly exercises his superiority while fighting the drag of modern life and the downward-looking, post-glam construction of his fellow Champion of Nature.

Referencing Ace Rimmer, Biggie, Grand Puba and Shaquille O’Neal, and diced with raw cuts, Jehst flexes – “this is strictly top shelf, better raise the bracket” – confounds – “what ya doing down the deep end when you don’t swim?” – and provides slow-burning release and relief for the new year.

Produced by: Apollo
Cuts by: DJ Ideal
Mixed by: Kill Money
Mastered by: Shane McEnhill

Video shot by: Honey JD
Edited by: EllisDawg



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