Jemini - Cake Mix

Jemini (aka J3 and Izzy) are a versatile duo from south London, whose music breaks boundaries within the rap genre. As students hip hop culture – and artists who like to stir up the musical pot, they have a uniquely melodic brand of UK Rap which nods to Wave, Drill and Grime.

Not afraid to throw some fun elements into the mix, they combine witty hooks and choruses with a variety of flows and catchy wordplay. Their new single Cake Mix typifies this approach, as they take inspiration from the Great British Bake Off (of all things) to play around with the obvious metaphor and how that links to road life.

‘Cake Mix’ (which is out 20th April) sees Jemini team up with producer VaderBeats who has delivered a hard-hitting up-tempo grime beat, which gives Jemini’s irreverent bars space to land. Their lyrics stem from a strong distaste for a 9-5 work norm and the drive to break the cycle, as the pair detail the trials and tribulations on the road to success.

This was our favourite music video to shoot so far because we actually made a cake and got to eat everything on set when it was all finished!

Jemini on the Cake Mix music video




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