Jester Jacobs x Eggs - I Love Eggs

Jester Jacobs and the notorious Egg Man Collective team up to drop this Easter banger! This track is an ode to the MCs love of eggs and is produced by Organised Mess.

Knives Down Eggs Up… Shouts to Faron Paul and Faz Amnesty.

Raps by: Jester Jacobs
Production by: Organised Mess
Hand Made Cover Art: Eggs
Video Shot by: Joe Bor and Dfacer
Edited by: Dfacer (
Digital Art by: Sam Krats

Video Art by: The Egg Collective and Tizer ID
Assistance from: This, Oliver Sudden and Reakt

Purchase the 7″ Square picture Lathe cut which is designed perfectly for displaying. The 7″ Lathe comes in a hand designed and made sleeve with each purchase going in to a raffle for a chance to win a 90cm x 90cm hand painted canvas by the legendary Eggs Collective!

Jester Jacobs

Revorg Records

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