King Kashmere ft. Alecs DeLarge - Thick Bag Of Slime

King Kashmere‘s latest ‘Thick Bag Of Slime‘ is out now and features vocals from Alecs DeLarge and raw off kilter production from Cuth.

Hey, are you a hard worker? Do you deprive yourself of sleep working on your craft? Do you brave all environmental conditions to try and reach your lofty goals? How about a thick bag of slime for all your effort? Money is overrated, slime promotes character growth and nerves of steel. Get yours today!

Life is interesting. Everyone has their own experience. For some of us life is blissful, for others life is mid, and for others, life is a struggle. The struggle doesn’t mean it’s all bad though and it can be character building. I and many others of the human species fall into the latter category. ‘Thick Bag Of Slime’ is about striving and getting little in return, sometimes nothing but the life equivalent of Gunge. Meanwhile, more powerful entities than previously described experience none of this and thrive in the most nefarious way possible.

This song is about all that shit with an ample helping of Fonk. So press play and turn it up… now.

Produced by: Cuth

Video by: Storyboard Visuals

King Kashmere

Alecs DeLarge

High Focus Records

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