K*Ners - This Is From Bristol

Bristol emcee K*Ners has been on the grind and he is a staple in the city’s underground scene. His latest effort is the visual for his song “This Is From Bristol” which pays homage to his hometown. It tells the tale of K*Ners trials and tribulations in his early life and at the start of his music journey.

Bolstered by a vocal sample-driven soundscape, K*Ners takes listeners back to the genesis and relives all the various experiences that made him the man he is today. From dark days, personal loss, racism, and riots, he looks back at these events as life-shaping situations, and finds the positive side as he came out unscathed.

His delivery is laid back as he takes each line in stride to punctuate the message of growth in real-time, allowing listeners to deeply feel the emotions in his heart.

In the video you see him roaming through his neighborhood of St Paul’s where you see a few cameo’s from some familiar Bristol faces from the community.


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