Kung Fu Xmas 18/12/2001 -Taskforce, Skinnyman, Champions of Nature, Mysdiggi

Kung Fu was a regular Hip Hop night held in Camden which grew to become very popular and was a showcase for London and UK Hip Hop talent.

Hosted by Mysdiggi, the open mic was a notorious focus of the evening as captured in this footage. Featuring Mic Assassin, Kope, Mongo, Skriblah DanGogh, Chester P, Skinnyman, DVS, Doc Brown, Ramson Badbonez and Reveal all take to the stage.

The main act of the night was Champions of Nature aka C.O.N. Artists, a group consisting of Supa T (Sundragon), Apollo, AM, Jehst, Dolo and Lewis Parker. Unfortunately Lewis wasn’t present on this occasion.

We’re then treated to a display of turntablism from the Extended Players – aka Shortee Blitz, Mr Thing and Harry Love, each taking a turn to show off their skills.

The evening is drawn to close by TaskforceChester P and Farma G followed by Mysdiggi as everyone present begins to feel the effects of the party spirit.

Two things to take note of… Firstly, back then what sounds like booing is actually a genuine show of appreciation, and secondly yes, everyone was smoking inside the club, all night, off and on stage!

Amazing times!

00:00 Intro
00:20 Mic Assassin
02:20 Kope
05:22 Mongo
06:02 Skriblah DanGogh
07:10 Chester P
09:00 Skinnyman
11:39 DVS
12:49 Doc Brown
13:49 Ramson Badbonez
14:44 Mr Ti2bs
15:06 Reveal
16:37 Champions of Nature (Apollo, Supa T, Jehst, AM & Dolo)
24:00 Mr Thing (Extended Players)
25:28 Harry Love (Extended Players)
27:00 Shortee Blitz (Extended Players)
28:50 Mysdiggi
31:47 Taskforce

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