We introduce to you the up-and-coming English / Austrian Hip Hop band “LANDER“. LANDER is a ‘A spacecraft designed to land on the surface of a planet or moon‘. Alex, the vocalist / rapper of this group was born and raised in the UK (Bristol), but moved to Vienna, Austria a few years ago.

Dues is all about coming to terms with your problems, finding the courage to take action, embrace change and pay your dues. Getting to the next level requires one to look at their life from all angles and be willing to venture into the darkness within. The story of the lost manic character from the first single No Longer is continued in Dues, he has accepted he cannot do this alone and needs help. Dues is a punch in the face, a big fuck you to pain and depression.

“Dues” is direct, energetic, ruthless and above all a huge “Fuck You” against pain and depression.

Music written and performed by: LANDER
Lyrics written and performed by: BOLTN
Recorded and produced by: LANDER and Patrick Steinhuber
Drums recorded at: Reindorfgasse by Patrick Steinhuber

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