Lee Scott and Hyroglifics - Don't Watch This In The Morning Show

Lee Scott and Hyroglifics are back again with a three track bumper edition video. Entitled Don’t Watch This In The Morning Show the first video is for Bonus Money which features Big Leonard. The second is Simple Simonism and the third Tatooine Dreams. Quality stuff from Blah Records and available on Lee Scott’s LP [gate clicks shut].

Vocals: Lee Scott
Beats: Hyroglifics

Animation by: Josh Richardson
Intro animation by: Louis Temple O’Shea

[Track 1: ‘Bonus Money‘]

[Starring Big Leonard]

me i get the pie while you’re simpin for the birds
me myself and i, i split it into thirds
money is addictive, i need to kick the urge
i’d spit a different verse but all my filler words
revolve around mula like an auctioneer
big leonard makes paper like henry fourdrinier
sittin pretty, prada walking gear
i’d say i’m in the house but i’m not even sure I’m ‘ere
erm, lest we forget
three bags full I astral project to the cheque
walk around like d’lo brown flexin’ his neck
like the world owes me one and i’m collecting a debt
i’m doin it for the respect and the wealth
and that’s the god’s honest truth written by the devil himself
burn the root of all evil
me and kev make a lot of loot for some stupid poor people

i just want to say
there is no other way
i’m getting paid

i’m a solid gold piece of shit encased in glass
perfecting the jeff bezo’s laugh i want me peso’s back
yeah i’m balling but they know that
but just tell ’em though incase they ask and embarrass me
foliage print gucci shirt on
inconspicuous, blending in with the fern fronds
relax! you get slapped with a fat wad of cash
during the economic collapse
and no, you’re not keeping the change
i left the keys to my beemer jeep in the range
it’s strange, i’m on the beach with my chains on
to be honest i forgot where i came from
err, could of been anywhere cos i’ve been everywhere
you’re looking at debonairs now, blah!
tracky worth more than your suit
i’m in the driver’s seat you’re the corpse in the boot

[Track 2: Simple Simonism]

kind of difficult for a simple guy
holding on for dear life even though it’s only gently drifting by
it’s over in the blink of a suspicious eye
so you might as well be ignorant and high, (hi!)
you couldn’t get through to me with a bye
i wouldn’t dignify you with a sigh
i watch cloud 9’s silver lining liquefy
then sit around wait for it to solidify
an slide down from the orange tinted sky
the truth is out there but most prefer to live a lie (i mean…)
when the perfect confluence of stimuli convince a pig that it can fly
i’ll stop sipping on me drink and try
until then what’s some shit that rhymes with:
find me staring at your girlfriend in her eyes like “him or i”
i’m at your funeral, cult mountain shirt with a mickey tie
singing ‘angels’ while the women cry tears of the joy
fear the boy with his fingers in the alcoholic kidney pie
only fools say dooms day isn’t nigh
while the wise peddle unfounded conspiracies…
i’m willing to risk it all on a single distant glimmer
took a stab in the dark and prayed i didn’t kill the winner
back to reality, full english breakfast in a tin for dinner
brought it to the boil then left the shit to simmer
and built a fifty binner, just another toxic man
scrapin the burnt bits from this non stick pan
what’s this pram doing ere? if it’s not full of looted gear
i’m putting me foot down but you can steer
skidding to a halt at the precipice where I made me bed
[why? cos I’m too sincere for this rap shit kid you know what I mean? I need a new career]

[Track 3: Tatooine Dreams]

tatooine dreams with an i, daniel blake reality
need to stretch me legs for exercise I’m pacing manically
mind racing after me too weak to catch me up
stuck between ‘suicidal thoughts’ and ‘easy back it up’
you need to wrap it now lee you’ve had enough
touché, my blue suede adidas trabs are scuffed
how am i supposed where am supposed to be
with no degree? i guess i best just get this dole for free
enough to smoke a g or 2 a week, we always found some more
you know where I’m goin if I’m walkin out the door
and it isn’t choir practice,
drag me bed into the offie cos me money’s inside the mattress
fuck it, gimme one of those, one of them and a thai beer
and I’m sleeping right ere
blurry eyed, out-of-body, panoramic world view
meditate myself away i’m ouchea in a curfew
fuck rap i’m tryna re-write the book you swear too
leezus i’m sound with everyone but still swerve you
in the school of hard knocks, voted most likely
to look in the mirror and say “i know you don’t like me”
last scene, sipping a beer in old blighty
missing since reverse engineering me own psyche
me on one side and the world sat opposite
take up the most space but tell you to back off a bit
melancholic but act choleric, wrote a compliment
on the back of me hand and slapped god with it
this isn’t an andy capp comic strip
do better!

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