Lowkey - Long Live Palestine [Video]

A cold British day, the streets of London, alive with 100,000 people. Their necks warmed by the black and white Arab scarves, their fists waving a green, red and black flag, banners and cardboard held high. Every faith, every colour, every age… And the words, echoing through the streets, ‘Long Live Palestine, Long Live Gaza’.

Who else would be spitting the truth into the mike but a hip hop head?

While many sit back, or keep their heads down, due to a lack of knowledge, morality or basic humanity. Their carelessness raised in a atmosphere of mainstream gangster rap, ignorance and weakness. Just as in the days where fists were raised to the sounds of Public Enemy and Dead Prez. Hip hop is keeping a heavy hold on humanity.

British hip hop role model Lowkey has done it again. His latest piece – ‘Long Live Palestine‘ flew the same time as rockets and bullets hit the terrorized homes of innocent civilians far from this Island. A heartfelt, informative, soul wrenching piece on the modern day atrocity that is the illegal occupation of Palestine. With a stress on the modern consumerism that developed along with the Viking Blood of the Americans, the Aborigines, Africans and Indians.

“Every coin is a bullet when your Marks and Spencer”.

The latest death toll since the massacre began on December 27th is 984 Gazans, many who were women and children, with the over 4,530 wounded only adding to the death toll as aid finds it difficult to get through the barricades.

“Don’t get offended by facts, just try and listen, nothing is more anti-semetic than zionism”.

By: Nino


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