Madman State - Grim Reaper

Dark and horrific visual from Madman State who’s catching bodies this Hallowe’en with ‘Grim Reaper‘. ‘Grim Reaper’ is the latest offering from Madman State, an uncompromising and edgy cut where the London rapper revisits his old school roots embedded in Trap sounds.

Boasting a self-produced backdrop as usual, State flosses witty lyrics and flows over the hypnotic beat which progressively exudes more energy as the song develops.

Set in an underground bunker, the visual for Grim Reaper showcases Madman State’s most creative and dramatic video yet, with all the trimmings thrown in! The choreography fits well as do the costumes and spooky props to add depth and darkness.

Expect plenty of blood, smoke and scary masks as well as tight flows and State’s signature body popping.

As the video gets half way in we’re entertained with an interlude which adds a darker dimension as he’s calling out for Isabel to set him free to let him catch more bodies, before Lucifer gets the better of him!

Also be sure to check out the limited edition ‘Grim Reaper’ clothing range courtesy of Horsebizkit Media.

“I wanted to make something that incorporated old school hip hop stylings and blend with modern trap drum sounds and synths to be more original.

I also wanted to try and make a hip hop song that embodied the spirit of Halloween hence the title and lyrical theme. I wanted to bring listeners to my version of the afterlife! Conceiving the video was the most fun part, from casting people and extras to location scouting. And of course wearing the ridiculous but effective grim reaper costume. I wanted to push the boundaries of what I’ve achieved visually so far with this one. And of course wearing the ridiculous but effective grim reaper costume!”

Madman State

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