Mosik Rhymes - Space

Mosik Rhymes has dropped Space for everyone in the struggle. No matter where we at the trap is the same. After being snaked in the record industry 2017, Mosik went to Norway with wifey who was studying. In the richest country in the world we still at the bottom. That Norwegian equality ethic and oil money was only for Norwegians. That’s clear. That’s why the record is for the brothers and sisters who relate. To all the hoods stand up we out here.

Taken from upcoming “Visa Tape” LP.

Filmed in Norway during lockdown 2020.

Produced by: Mosik Rhymes, Mt Dubb, Deckdaddy
Directed by: Mosik Rhymes and Honey JD
Instruments mixed by: Deckdaddy
Vocals mixed by: Mosik Rhymes
Additional mixing by: The BKeeper
Mastered by: Lotek

Spinning Wheel Music 2021


Mosik Rhymes:

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