Mr Harry ft. Flex The Foreigner - High Life

Great story video for Mr Harry‘s latest production which also features Flex The Foreigner. On the verge of disco vibes this is a feel good track where the duo jet off to Budapest, Hungary and live the High Life.

The first time Mr Harry got on the mic at Room2 Records and laid down this hook it was the start of a journey they never knew would take them across the ocean to film a wild music video.

The song embraces being true to your higher self and embracing the mystery of the unknown. Ironically the Room2 crew all embraced the high life philosophy in the making of our music video shot by Ellis Meade, directed by Kydro and edited by Adam Grasso.

A super keen team of actresses, backup dancers and spur of the moment cameos made this video what it was, high life (for a few days). The events captured within the story line really weren’t that far from the reality happening around the shoot on set. Over a year later and the video is here but did it really happen or was it all a dream?

Produced by: Mr Harry
Video shot by: Ellis Meade
Edited by: Adam Grasso

Taken from Mr Harry’s debut Ep ‘H‘ which is out June 8th via Room2 Records.

Mr Harry

Flex The Foreigner

Mr Harry ft. Flex The Foreigner - High Life
Flex The Foreigner

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