Nicki Knightz - Lonely Girls Hearts Club (Intro)

Nicki Knightz from the family group The Knighthood Society drops Lonely Girls Hearts Club which as you might expect is the title track and taken from ‘Lonely Girls Hearts Club‘ LP.

An outcast to the world, together we felt at home.

Nicki Knightz

Written and performed by: Nicki Knightz
Produced by: Henny Knightz
Mixed and mastered by: Henny Knightz
Guitar: Amy Hurford
Additional Vocals: Ether and Vashtie

You know Nicki from the nizzy blocks
Light skin girl didn’t give no fucks
Plaid shirt and i’m in my chucks
Hate it here i don’t roll with opps
Bitch niggas i don’t fuck with lots
Screw face like i’m taking shots
Hold it down or i say too much
Bopping through my hands on my crutch

Most stylish from the ends
Got the tones and blends textures too
Yh i layer chains on my coogie crew
In and out unless i’m rolling stude
Yh the loner girls always been my mood
Bullied bad been getting slewed
I don’t give a fuck how i’m viewed
My ting be live know i’m dude

Side note
I was just a baby
When Margs and Tricky and Hypo played on my block
Mash-town days
I was bunning thai
Wasn’t bunning no haze
Always been cursed
Don’t know most high praise
On the block but it was just a phase
Robbing shops I nearly catch a case
Pepsi can with a bag of lays
So called codie made me out my ways
Dad came round u need to say your grace
Spun the jaw as he slap my face
Get out now your in the sunken place
So depressed i’m like oh my days
Dont stop there yeah my shit got laced
Weed spliff with that angel dust
Yeah it really be yeah the ones you trust

Verse 2
Lonely girl, we was all on our own
Had no role models staying at home
Closest homie got abused by a grown
Family life wasn’t good so we roam
London city we had no tea and no scones
Just chicken and chips that we eat to the bones
School in the A:M but on the week getting blown
Calling dealers on the £5 phone

Lonely girl but i came out well
Bully bitches try break my shell
Bullied bad from the bush with gel
Way I look or the way i smell
Silenced I couldn’t bare to yell
Met the knight I got saved my bell
Years later can’t help but dwell
Time is now, yeah it’s time to tell

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