OneThree Records x SMF (Taymade, Blessed, Quincy OG, Paul Stephan) - SWISH

DJ Shaxx, just released the second video off the OneThree Records album; Flamez x Friendz. The album has been receiving positive feedback and has organically almost reached 10k streams! DJ Shaxx launched OneThree records and recorded and released the album ‘mid pandemic’ 2020. The album being a collaboration of UK and international artists and producers to showcase the various sounds the UK underground scene provides. 

This is the second song on the album, ‘Swish‘ with South East London vibe makers, SMF a energetic rap group with members being:

All SMF members are individually making waves in the underground rap scene with some bangers under their respective belts.


More videos are in the process of being released, in the meantime you can check out the rest of the album here:

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