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DJ IQ - Brainfood [Video]

DJ IQ – Brainfood [Video]

DJ IQ first shot to fame by winning the youth version of the DMC competition. Since then he has continued to build his DJ rep and is now stepping up his game by including production into his list of abilities. This is his latest production for which he has assembled one of the most awesome MC line ups to grace wax.

Dubbledge - Lips 2 Da Floor [Video]

Dubbledge – Lips 2 Da Floor [Video]

Dubblege is set to the next man of the moment. He has been pressing on the scene for a while now and with the video now out for last years Lips 2 Da Floor he is set to step up the pressure and take everyone by storm. Not afraid of getting on some people's nerves here he takes several side swipes at grime MCs and does it with a great deal of aplomb.

Planet Asia - Thick Ropes [Video]

Planet Asia – Thick Ropes [Video]

Planet Asia's video for his single "Thick Ropes" is produced by Dilated People's Evidence and is one of my favorite tracks from Asia's full-length album The Medicine. Some might consider Planet Asia to be underground, but he is proving he is no backpacker as he spits about stickups, bragging rights, or sexual conquests. This song will change your mind about Asia.

Chester P - Flowerz [Video]

Chester P – Flowerz [Video]

Chester P steps back into the game with this tremedously original offering. Somewhere between here and Folk-Hop Chester delivers his usual dulcet tones for this semi acoustic track. The dope video is semi-animated and is nothing you have seen the likes of before in Hip Hop.