Ramson Badbonez ft. Tru Trilla, Fly Kwa and Prince Ak - Lame Duck

Lame Duck is the fourth single from the album “Lead by Example” by London’s Ramson Badbonez, his debut as a producer. Out on August 27th 2021 through New Dawn Records, rarely has such a line up of hip hop heavyweights from both sides of the Atlantic featured together on one LP, resulting in a showcase of the highest quality rhymes, beats and turntablism.

Previous singles “Stay True“, “Lead by Example” and “Black Hole Cypher” / “Rap to the Future” bench marked the standards, and “Lame Duck“, which dropped July 27th 2021, followed in the same vein as New Jersey verbal assassins Tru Trilla, Fly Kwa and Prince Ak entered the ring with their trademark raw and uncompromising punchlines delivering knockout blows to all comers, the energy intensified by the potent bass and kicks combinations for a concoction of bars and beats that go the full distance. Hard as nails.

Also available to download and stream at the following:

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3l4mJwa
Bandcamp: https://ramsonbadbones.bandcamp.com/track/lame-duck-ft-tru-trilla-fly-kwa-prince-ak-2
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/55J8JsUd8k6MnhrhDmkKpP
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/ramsonbadbonezofficial/lame-duck-feat-fly-kwa-prince

All details available at: https://newdawnrecs.com


https://www.twitter.com/ NewDawnRecs



Ramson Badbonez ft. Tru Trilla, Fly Kwa and Prince Ak - Lame Duck

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