RhymeCult - CULTivation

Deep from the scuzzy underbelly of Peterborough, amid the perpetual black void of slime and filth, dwell the RhymeCult. Fashioned by a heretic adoration for dusty breaks and samples; boom bap at its most debauch; they bring you into the ceremonious fold with a sound so old school it’s probably banned in a number of countries.

The debut single from RhymeCult just dropped on 4 The Culture Records featuring emcees Free1smind, Mr Scrolls and Mr B, with Inos supplying the neck breaking beat, RhymeCult’s debut single is an absolute banger.

RhymeCult is a new movement coming out of 4TC Records in 2021, focused on the grittiest, filth laden boom bap possible, tearing up stages with shows of killer lyricism and deadly flows.

The video for CULTivation was directed, filmed and edited by Sarkastik Hound, who also mastered the track and he will be supplying RhymeCult with some of the filthiest beats from his collection in the future!

Free 1s Mind

Mr Scrolls

Mr B



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