Riodan - DNA

Riodan has a new single and music video dropping called DNA. He’s a 23-year-old rapper from South London, and freely admits, “I will be real I don’t have the biggest fanbase or the most recognisable feature but I create real music for real people speaking on a variety of topics“.

He continues, “my intention being to report live from the struggle to create life’s soundtrack for those chasing your dream“.

DNA depicts the endless struggle when battling your reality and dream. Riodan is speaking on where he’s come from and where he wishes to go. this track follows his debut mixtape ‘Lost in The Struggle‘. Working with Mixtape Madness and videographer Nu Jae the song is brought to life with a cinematic video to accompany the single. Riodan’s intention is that the single will be followed by several further releases and content in the following months.


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