Rodney P x John Holt - The Urban Ganja Farmers Tune

Rodney P alongside the legendary John Holt for “The Urban Ganja Farmers Tune“. As the last track recorded by John Holt before his death “The Urban Ganja Farmers Tune” is a cover version of John’s 1983 reggae classic “Police In Helicopter“, a rebel music song written in response to America’s pressure on the Jamaican government to burn down the marijuana fields.

“The Urban Ganja Farmers Tune” is more a lighthearted song both Rodney and John had conceptualised together to everybody growing a little bit of homegrown herb in a shed in their back garden or a little grow room in the back room of their house.

Released on Riddim Killa Records via Cygnus Music on 20th April 2022.

Rodney P

Cygnus Music

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