Skittles - Slide

IconMusic‘s third release Slide introduces Skittles. Born in Angola, and raised in Scotland, Skittles is one to watch for 2023. After a little hiatus from releasing, he spent the last year developing his sound with Icon Music at the UP2STNDRD Studios.

Having gained some experience from previous self-releases, he is set to pursue and dominate the scene with a voice and the presence to have any stage jumping. Taking a more musical approach, the record came together over a block of creative jam sessions led by Sami Omar and Axor Music.

Feeling the need to explore out with the paradigm of known Drill Beats, he took a more cross-genre approach, influenced by orchestral and more symphonic sounds to counterbalance the gritty performance on the track by Skittles.

Release date: 28.04.2023
Lyricist and performance: Skittles
Produced by: Sami Omar and Sam Barker
Music label and publisher: IconMusic


Sami Omar

Sam Barker


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