Statue Stance - Commentating On A Massacre

Finally this project which has been sitting unreleased for nigh on seven years gets to see the light of day. Amos and Hooper Stax have delivered up some classic material here. Production from Hooper is on point and references classic 90’s style sampled genre. Amos’ lyrics touch on some conspiracy and espionage level topics.

Together Amos and Hooper Stax are Statue Stance and this video is actually a short film which takes the view through a compendium of several of the tracks from the LP – Commentating on a Massacre.

Amos has actually commented that many of the lyrics were written whist on a meditative retreat in Cambodia. During meditation sessions rhymes were mentally formed and rehearsed and then on an evening were committed to paper.

Hooper has also divulged that this is his only work which utilises his 12 bit SP1200 for that classic sound. Using re-sampling techniques to get the samples into more modern technology for sequencing. Unfortunately his SP 1200 broke after this and so we will never hear this sound from him again!

The long form video is a piece of art and is directed and edited by ESs Visuals. Apparently this is unlikely to get a physical release, but is available via Northern Structure Records at their bandcamp.

Buy the album now at:

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