Strizzy Strauss, Sun Sun and DJ Ninja Bob - 05:21 Live #23

Another dope 0521 live set, this one featuring half an hour of heavy rhymes from Strizzy Strauss and SunSun ably backed up by DJ Ninja Bob. Strizzy Strauss is a recording artist from Leicester, UK. Introspective, social commentary driven rhymes and a melodic flow reminiscent of the legendary Guru, make up the backbone of Strauss’ rap repertoire.

Strizzy Strauss also offers a blend of boom-bap driven, jazz fuelled cuts and loose mid-tempo beats, rooted in the essence of Hip Hop. Strizzy’s sound has a seemingly nostalgic feel that hearkens back to Hip Hop’s late 80’s. Rather than preach the righteous path, Strauss opts to share the observations of “the everyday person”.

The father of three looks to provide an alternative to much of the current narrative associated with Hip Hop. Referring to his music as an audio book for his children, Strauss describes his son and daughters as a key influence to his artistry.

Gracing the stage alongside acts like Wu-Tang Clan’s The Gza, Big Daddy Kane, Pharoahe Monch, Skinnyman, Klashnekoff, Micall Parknsun and Scrapz, among others, has helped establish Strauss as one of the Midlands’ emerging new talents.

Strizzy Strauss

DJ Ninja Bob





00:00 – Logo Intro
00.41 – Speed of Life
03.10 – Testament
05.12 – Young Kings
07.37 – Who Am I
10.05 – How Ya Mean?
12.34 – Hieroglyfics
15.10 – Driven
17.21 – The Day Shift
20.27 – Hard Times
23:04 – Logo Outro

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