Substantial and Funky DL - We Met in Tokyo

Jazz Rap vets and former Nujabes collaborators, Substantial and Funky DL join forces on the new EP, ‘We Met In Tokyo‘. Its the debut EP by the pair. The production is handled entirely by London’s own, DL with Maryland (US) native Sub on the vocals.

The soundscapes are filled with melodic Jazz samples, warm bass grooves, and thumping boom-bap drums. Lyrically, the content sticks to authenticity over spectacle, delivered with water-like flows.

Released via: Substantial Art and Music and Washington Classics

There’s also a mini-doc out now, which expands further on the project – directed by Rachelle Etienne-Robinson.

The documentary is a film where Funky DL and Substantial reflect on how they first met after working with the late Japanese producer, Nujabes. The two veteran emcees discuss their individual careers, the music they’ve created, and their latest project. The extended version features an additional 20+ minutes of interview footage.


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