The Curve - Mind Altering Liquor

This EP, Mind Altering Liquor, was originally made three years ago when Mr Harry from Bury, North Manchester and Josh The Mystic spend Friday evenings producing and getting high in Harry’s bedroom. Together the pair form The Curve.

All tracks on the EP were made in the moment and were the result of the inspiration Harry and Josh received usually from the drinks they had during the session. After the initial completion of the EP Harry accidentally took his hard drive on a wild camping survival trip and the drive became corrupt. The EP was lost, although demo’s remained.

In 2020 Mr Harry reproduced the entire EP and re-recorded each one of the tracks, this project has been a slow and steady race but now it’s finally here!

Produced by: Mr Harry
Written and performed by: Josh The Mystic and Mr Harry aka ‘The Curve
Mix and mastered by: Kydro

Taken from the Ep ‘Mind Altering Liquor

Mr Harry

Josh The Mystic

The Curve - Mind Altering Liquor
The Curve
Mr Harry

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