The Ingloriuos Poet - Simulation

Bristol based artist The Ingloriuos Poet is back with Simulation. Superb soul samples, a dope string and bass line make for a banger over which The Inglorious Poet goes in hard. Good work.

Here is a taster of some of the lyrics:

Hedonic treadmill, we wanna spend bills,
but just like that boy Pinocchio, I wanna get real,
Like young Anniston tittles, lets move out of the cities,
back in touch with mother Nature, show of hands if you’re with me

But we hardly get it, as we go large with carcinogenics,
Large jars, barf carbs, glued to what charts on Netflix,
With these arms we be stretching, for Prada, De La Rentas,
Go hard on the credit, we get hard for them Teslas,
So distracted from big pharma farming harming injections,
We arming armies with weapons, maybe soon armageddon…

Video Directed by: Bluehat Visuals
Written by: The Inglorious Poet
Mixed and Mastered by: Jinxsta JX

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