Unity - Dinner On The Table

Dinner One The Table by Unity is a glorious video that richly manifests Unity’s album Diving Deeper‘s elemental beating heart. Shot on (and in) location, the video has been created by Doc BlackdaWho and runs on a fluid theme with Ogmore-by-the-Sea and the Ystradfelte falls more than amplify. The track is a reworking of a DW Smith beat.

Additional vocals: TeiFi
Mix and mastered: Jamie Winchester
Video: Doc Blackdawho
Underwater and Drone Photography: Nick Russil
Assistant Director: Niques


Bard Picasso


Missed calls, dinner on the table.
Cat’s cradle for more than I’m able.
Floating on dreams, waking on a bed of nails,
unravelling the shadow of fairytales.
Missed calls, dinner on the table.
Cat’s cradle for more than I’m able.
The wetness of dreams leaves me feel unstable,
unravelling the shadow of my own fairytales.
I’m swimming weightless, let me taste,
the traces of my greatness the dreams that I chase.
I push back against the braces I face,
heavy boots laced tighter than the loved ones I embrace.
I free my mind, it’s closing time,
shutters down on the sound of the diamonds that we mine.
I’m diving deeper it’s a sign of the times,
pushing back against the pressure of this daily grind.
Dive in, let me begin,
reflection of reality the dreaming that I’m in.
I’m a hunchback hunter hunting for a treasure chest,
giving thanks to mother earth for the gifts with which I’m blessed.
Undressed, eyes on sticks are glued in,
faint-hearted warriors are drowning in a mood swing.
Swing low sweet chariots are waiting,
Floating on the liquid of the life I had a stake in.
Tie me up in your celtic knots,
dip me in the river give me everything you’ve got.
We’ve forgotten, what was written in the shore line,
wet sand landing rotten to the core.
I unwind, as I sink into the current,
link me to your thinking pull me up into your turret.
Let me loose my locks are floating your boat,
if we row it together we can both cross this moat.

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