Unity and Mr Substance - Boundaries

Boundaries, produced by Mr Substance, is the first single from DJ, B-girl, lyricist and graffiti writer Unity‘s first album ‘Diving Deeper‘. It speaks of pushing against the boundaries that society puts on us, in order to feel alive.

Released via Bard Picasso Records.

Produced and mixed by: Mr Substance
Mastered by: Jamie Winchester
‘Unity’ design by: Sadsak
Video: ya.snaps


Mr Substance

Bard Picasso


Boundaries, binding me
I need to push to feel like there’s something to believe,
I lean against the current swim upstream from the sea.
Believe what you please but please don’t judge me.

This lonely road well worn with thorns,
hordes of birds squark, tree’s holding their mossy court.
My thoughts wet like the rain on my page,
it breaks me to hear what they’re trying to say.
The pain of being open a broken branch,
crossing over and hoping for a handwoven part,
in the tapestry of tragedy I keep the real me,
thankfully feeling free but under lock and key.

Shadowy images I can’t pin down,
if I dive too deep my emotional boundaries
will drown under the weight of a greater pain,
rags to rags in three generations nobody taking the blame.
Game on, stiff upper lip,
lift the lid on this treasure chest I’ll be breaking the link.
Running for the hills chasing the thrill of release,
I’ll be immersing myself in the realm of birds and bees.

I ride the tidal pull and it’s strong,
roaming in the foam as soon as I could I was gone.
From long tables, to fables of the dolphin,
unable to shake away from the hand I’ve been holding.
I can’t deny I’d like to bask in the glory,
of sharks past caring not scared of sharing reality.
Teeth chatter no matter what we believe,
leading me to see the inner beauty of this beast.

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