VS One - NW Streets Freestyle

VS One is an artist, songwriter, and producer hailing from NW London. His second release is ‘NW Streets Freestyle‘. The song captures the essence of growing up in North-West London as a young man, exploring the hardships faced and the journey on my path to the heights of success.

Produced by: VS One
Directed by: VS One
Edited and graded by: Jinx and VS One
Filmed by: ShotFocus

VS One


I grew up on them North-West streets
Tryna’ get P’s so I sold them B’s
Never took E’s but I smoke them trees
Man could never tell me that I owe man P (Why’s that?)

Cah’ I keep it so damn G
Plus I keep it all together like the whole damn piece
My life’s a movie, no Walt Disney
But my AMG is a Beauty & Beast

But it weren’t always like this B
I used to pull up on the frontline in my white Mini
Or you could catch me on my pedal bike in MP
And I could never hate on you but you envy me

Cah’ man ah Yung like Bane
Gucci like Mane
They’re Lil’ like Wayne
I make ’em Dash like Dame

When it comes to hoes
These guys move waste
Man ah get the brain
You put her coochie in your face

Crazy but I’m sane
Wavey but I’m clean
Star in the sky you know
I’ll leave you in a daze

Now I’ma do it B-I-G cah’ I got faith
You can use your E-Y-E and see my lane
If you saw my P-Y-T you’re gonna’ hate
And till the day I D-I-E I’m getting paid

I need the sun
Cah’ I’ve been through the rain
And like I hopped out the window
Know I’ve been through pain

Cah’ hot summers in the streets turn to cold ends
I tell a man be careful who you call friend
Same man that you prolly’ call to hold skengs
Will be the same man who’ll set you up and try to make your soul end

I’ve seen a man kill his right hand for small bread
I’ve seen a man tell on gang, when the court said
It’s couple years in the can unless you talk kid
Same man took the stand then they’re walkin’

I told bro there ain’t honour on these roads
Man ain’t got your back so you better have your own
One eye on my enemy, two eyes on my own
Cah’ at least wit’ your enemies you dun already know

But with your own circle, you gotta’ stay vigilant
Pree the sly hate and the bickering
Ain’t got time for these patties man ah diligent
Til the stars on me just like Michelin

Big racks suh
I still got big packs in the bag cuz
And if I’m onto you, then know it’s mad stuff
I’ll plot on your whole life till it packs up

And man know me I get the pack gone
And man know IX, the batch strong
And man don’t ever quit when the plan’s long
Bout’ to strangle the game cah’ man’s hands on

I’m on, Trust

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