Whirlwind D ft. Lewis Parker and Specifik - Lucky Number

Whirlwind D, Lewis Parker and Specifik team up for the latest Whirlwind D single: ‘Lucky Number‘, released by AE Productions. ‘Lucky Number’ has an antiphrasis, ironic meaning to it, so that the lucky number is actually that one in a million disaster.

To buy vinyl (double aa side with ‘Do It Now‘, produced by Smoove and complete with dope artwork by John Dyer), head over to: https://whirlwindd.bandcamp.com/album/lucky-number-do-it-now

Video by: Hausriot Studios
Written by: Whirlwind D and Lewis Parker
Produced by: Lewis Parker
Cuts by: Specifik
Art Direction: Digital Dyer

Whirlwind D

Lewis Parker

DJ Specifik

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