Whirlwind D ft. Micall Parknsun, Djar One and Specifik - Without Music

The brand new single from B-Line Recordings‘ artist Whirlwind D features Micall Parknsun and sees the two MCs reflecting on how music has got them through good and bad times. Production by Djar One and cuts by Specifik.

To buy 7″ vinyl (£9.99 backed with Labels (Smoove Mix)) and complete with dope artwork by Digital Dyer click on this link: https://whirlwindd.bandcamp.com/album/without-music

Video by: Hausriot Studios
Written by: Whirlwind D and Micall Parknsun
Production by: Djar One
Cuts by: Specifik
Label: B-Line Recordings 2021
Published by: Musiqware Ltd

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