Whirlwind D - One Take E20

From fast and funky to deep and political Whirlwind D drops into the 0521 studio for a One Take dropping several tracks from his new release Libra available from B-Line Recordings at Bandcamp. Libra represents the two sides of the brain as shown with the two different styles on display.

Whirlwind D

DJ Specifik

Djar One

00:00:00 When It’s Fast (prod. Djar One / Cuts Specifik)
00:01:28 Flames feat. Farma G (prod. Farma G / Cuts Specifik)
00:03:54 Sambuca (prod. Specifik / Cuts Djar one)
00:05:32 The Deep feat. Chrome, Junior Disprol and Specifik (prod. Franky Roar / Cuts Miracle)

Filming and photography: NSPM Kent https://www.instagram.com/nsphotokent/
Mixing, mastering and audio restoration: Earth Capital Music https://www.instagram.com/earthcapitalmusic/


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