Wilko Wilkes - ABCDEpression

ABCDEpression is the eighth single from Yorkshire-based alternative rapper Wilko Wilkes. Starting at A running all the way through the alphabet to Z with alliterated bars, the track paints a picture of what it’s like to live with depression, set to an immersive and claustrophobic beat.

Whilst we have heard the concept before this is done with aplomb and maintaining a singular topic throughout is impressive.


A, A is for anxiety analysing and actively ambushing all the angles I attack

B, B is the battle between my brain and behaviour bullying my body, battering bullets behind my back

C, Carrying the crushing condition, caring completely but conning my conscience and constantly catastrophising

D, Depression is dormant, it doesn’t die, it’s defiant, dragging me down, it’s draining dangerous and demoralising

E, Exhausted and empty, embarrassed and excessively exasperated by everyone else

F, Feeling fear of failure when I’ve forgotten my focus, flimsily falling to a fast farewell

G, Getting guilt when I’m giddy and going glum when it’s good, gripes are growing giving groaning and grumbling

H, I had a head start, so how did this happen? Hiding hurt, happiness hasn’t had a home and it’s humbling

I, Introspectively insulting I’m ill, irrepressibly imprinting idiotic ideas 

J, Jumbling and tumbling like Jack and Jill, justifying jarred, jealous, jagged, jangling jeers 

K, Kicking off like Kevin Keegan is killing me, I know that I’m knackered and now my knuckles are knocking 

L, – Lagging, lonely, lost, livid, I’m low lacking laughter, languishing legs locking

M, is the murky monotony mocking me, making me manic, miserable memories making more mess

N, is the nagging nervous and numb, needy noisy nightmares in my noggin when I’m napping in my nest

O, Overwhelming and obstinate obstacles overzealously obsess me and offend my optimism

P Pangs of pain, passion and paranoia popping panic, I’m a puppet in a pessimism prison 

Q Quirks, quibbles, questions and quips quietly quarrel and quiz quicker til I’m quitting my quest

R, is the relentless racket residing and rising recklessly reasoning and resenting rest

S, Starved of serotonin and sad, seeking solace, stressing, sulking and stuttering so I sigh 

T, The torturous ticking of time talking to me, taunting me, telling me that I’m too tired to try 

U, Uncomfortable, unsettling and unkind ulterior urges are unthinkably unending

V is the vicious, vitriolic, vulgar voices of vengeance, vindictively venting

W, With all the will in the world I’m woefully wasting, worrying, wallowing, weak and weary wondering why 

Yearning for my youth of yesteryear, I’m yanking at yarn yapping about yaks in Yellowstone

Z,Z, Zigzagging and zapping my zest, I’ve got zilch, I’m a zombie when I’m not in the zone 

I’m unknown, feeling alone,

And I missed out X cos you all know, that X is for xylophone!!


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