youngdumblovers - 07960771268

YDL members are rumoured to be Ed Scissor and Greenwood Sharps who used to be signed to High Focus and but their identities are being kept secret in public for now.

This new project is a fluid collective of producers, poets and creatives who are redefining what it means to be a band in the traditional sense.  The art and the subject material all explore the inner workings of the mind, the places we go to when we’re caged in our own domains, our own towns, our own homes.

This new track, the seventh of the the year so far is called 07960771268 which you can call if you’d like to hear more… The track evokes dark production, downbeat vocals and warm acoustic flourishes, all packaged up in the bleak aesthetic of South East England in winter time.

Its not your typical Hip Hop offering and denotes a distinctly new grungy pop direction for the production duo which is a bit unexpected.



orchard leaves like white teeth
cherry tree, snow deep
memory becomes me
can’t you see i’m lonely?

and time’s slipping us by

shelter me in white sheets
reconvene, and get no sleep
we were in the greatest storm!
and lightning streaks
fears are rushing round my skull _but_ she’s good to me

and time’s slipping us by
spent ten years living in a vice
and a caged bird really can’t fly
but my fears grow wicked in the night
you know i don’t wanna live like this _but_ i don’t wanna die

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