youngdumblovers - Don't Come Running Round

Ed Scissor and Greenwood Sharps get all folky and offer up a melodic ballad over a keyboard backing. Proper singing as well on Don’t Come Running Round. Beginning to be what you’d expect with this change in direction, but maybe not so much for their original audience. Written and performed by youngdumblovers.



you’re on the inside
and i’m always on the road
but you’ve been awake for hours
so just let me know

i can never reach you
when i call you on the phone
lift your hand up to your shoulder
and just let me know

she said
don’t come running round here in the morning
don’t come running back here cos you’re boring

but how do you know you’d hate it
if you’ve never given it a go?
the nights are getting longer
the summer had to go
so why you acting so shy
like you’re scared to let me in?
you might as well fucking sing
you’re just a leaf in the wind

we might’ve got our feet wet
as we went walking through the grass
i was holding on tightly
but we never stood a chance
then she whispered something
as we laid out on the lawn
“of course your heart got broken
that’s what it’s for”

she said
don’t come running back here to the orchard
the leaves all turn red here in the autumn

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